Reason to have professional Leak Detection

September 6, 2017

No matter how good the quality of its construction, a pool can develop a leak in its system. Factors like climate, geology, and ordinary wear and tear can create small or large fissures in the pool’s foundation or filtration system. Even if you suspect there is a leak, you need professional leak detection to truly pinpoint the problem and go about fixing it before it gets worse. On Long Island, you have several good options for professional pool leak detection.

Diy Pool Leak Detections Before Calling Professionals.

A simple bucket test can help you see if water is leaking, for example. Sometimes people notice puddles or wet spots on their lawns and know there is a leak coming from their pool or spa system. However, professional leak detection goes beyond the initial DIY inspections you can do because of the ability to detect the exact location and type of leak, in addition to understanding if there is more than one source of the leak. A Long Island company like Atlantic Pool Leak Detection provides localized and personalized service that includes both leak detection and repair.

Professional leak detection

The best thing about professional leak detection is that a Long Island company can perform a number of different leak detection tests in the same area, which will help you recognize any potential problems in as non-invasive a process as possible. Professional leak detection takes into account the filtration system you are using and whether the leak comes from the spa or the pool. Depending on the type of pool you have, the professional leak detectors may use traditional methods like a dye test or liner test, or they may send a professional pool diver. Repairs are much easier when the same people who detect the leak repair it, because they will know exactly what to look for and where, and the least invasive and most cost-effective method of repairing it.

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