We Are More Than Scuba Divers

We Are More Than Scuba Divers

Pool leaks can occur in one of two ways: from the structure of the pool, or from the underground plumbing lines. There are pool leak detection companies that are able to check the pool structure (by scuba diving the pool), but they are not able to check underground plumbing lines for leaks. In many cases, these companies are hired, get paid (significantly) and they never solve the customer’s problem.

Pool leak detection companies that only scuba dive pools have a very limited ability when it comes to finding leaks in a pool. When walking into a customer’s yard, it is not known where the leak is coming from (pool plumbing or pool structure). If hiring a company that can only check the pool structure, what happens if the leak is in the underground plumbing? This creates a scenario where the company (scuba diver) gets paid, the problem is not resolved, and the customer is forced to hire another leak detection company to solve their problem. This results in the customer paying two companies instead of one. No customer should have to pay twice to get their pool leak problem resolved. It makes much more sense to hire a company that has the ability to check both the pool plumbing and pool structure (if necessary).

We perform hundreds of pool leak detections each summer, and we see this scenario occur somewhat frequently, resulting in very frustrated customers who spend 2x as much as they needed to – in order to have their problem resolved.

Pool Plumbing Leak Detection

Why is pool plumbing leak detection not offered by other companies? The answer is simple. Determining if underground plumbing lines are leaking, and if they are, exactly where they are leaking under the ground requires years of experience, investment in technology, and most importantly, a very rare and specialized skill set. Companies that strictly scuba dive pools are usually one-person operations where the owner is a certified scuba diver who decides to scuba dive pools in order to earn some money.

How specialized a service is underground plumbing leak detection? Well, there are hundreds of pool companies in the state of New Jersey (pool service companies, pool builders, pool repair companies, etc.) – who do not offer the services that we can provide for pool plumbing leak detection. These pool companies contact us to perform leak detections for their customers, because they are not equipped to do what we do when it comes to pool leak detection.

Why Atlantic Pool Leak Detection

Pool leak detection is the only pool service that we provide. We do not open/close pools, maintain/service pools, or renovate/build pools. We specialize in one thing – and one thing only – locating pool leaks. We do not perform partial leak detections by scuba diving your pool and charging you for an incomplete job. If we need to perform a full diagnostic of your pool to determine where the pool leak is, we will do so.

If your pool is leaking, please give us a call at (732) 592-6718!