Getting a Pool Inspected as a Real Estate Agent

Why it is Important to Have Your Client’s Pool Inspected as the Real Estate Agent

As a realtor representing a client during the home buying process, your job is to help the buyer navigate the entire buying process so it will go as smooth and seamless as possible. This includes lining your clients up with service providers (i.e., inspectors, lenders, movers, etc.) that will provide them with a superior and valuable service. Our goal at Atlantic Pool Inspections is to provide a level of service that is personalized, unbiased, and thorough, ensuring buyers are not shocked by issues with their pool once they move into their new home.

A pool can be a valuable asset when buying a house but can be very costly if there are unknown problems that need to be remedied. Liner replacements, pool renovations, structural concerns and pool leaks are some of the issues that can result in new homeowners paying thousands in repairs after they have closed on their home. Our inspections provide a personalized service that is individual to each customer, depending on their needs and experience with pool ownership.

What is Involved with our Pool Inspections

We provide every client with a detailed and thorough inspection of the entire pool environment, not just the pool and its equipment. Our inspections include (but are not limited to) checking all fences to be sure they meet pool barrier standards, as well as checking the pool patio to make sure there is no structural damage, settling, heaving, etc. We inspect pools all year round, including during the winter. A widespread belief is that pool inspections are not possible when the pool is closed. This is simply not true. Pools can and should be inspected when closed, so buyers know exactly what is going on underneath the pool cover.

Your clients will be in safe and capable hands. Our comprehensive reports detail our findings and recommendations for the pool, while working directly with each and every client to provide them with a full understanding of what they have and what issues there may be facing going forward. This information gives the buyer an opportunity to negotiate with the seller. If repairs are not negotiable, knowing what state the pool is in, the work that will be needed, and the potential costs for the needed repairs, are all extremely important, and will allow the client to make an informed purchase based on facts and not “hopes” that the pool is in great condition.

Not for the Common Home Inspector

Most home inspectors are not willing to inspect a pool. Those that are willing to do a pool inspection, may not be qualified to do so. They will perform a cursory inspection to look for obvious anomalies and/or clearly malfunctioning pool equipment. These types of inspections are not sufficient enough to discover potentially costly problems, or to detect safety hazards. Our experience in the pool industry allows us to do more than just turn the pool equipment on to see if the pool runs properly.

We perform no other pool services (i.e., openings/closings, pool maintenance or repairs, pool renovations, etc.), so there is never a conflict with our pool inspection reports. Unlike some pool companies that may do pool inspections, we specialize in, and ONLY do pool inspections, thus we will never try to sell a client a product or service after the inspection is completed. Some pool companies look at pool inspections as opportunities to gain future business from their clients. That will never happen when we are hired.

Working with a reliable and reputable pool inspection company, as realtors you can be sure that your clients’ needs are always being met. Contact us and let’s work together to provide your customers with an amazing home buying experience, with no surprises or disappointments.

Certified Pool Inspectors (CPI)We are NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation) Certified Pool Inspectors (CPI), with over 10 years experience.

Google Reviews

Jen W.Jen W. ★★★★★ They were absolutely amazing!!! They pin pointed a broken pipe for my pool 4 feet down under ground. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. Hopefully i won’t have to use them again, but if I do, I’m definitely call them again. I 100% recommend Atlantic Pool Leak Detection!!!!!Franklyn H.Franklyn H. ★★★★★ Atlantic Pool Leak Detection / Randy is extremely professional when interacting and handling your service needs, he advises you on taking all preliminary step to avoid him from coming out and billing your for service if it can be avoided ( resolved by you ), within 30 minutes Randy and his son was able to detect where the leak was and steps that were necessary to correct the issue, I strongly recommend Atlantic Pool Leak Detection as your go to Company.Michael P.Michael P. ★★★★★ Randy and his son were awesome! He found two leaks very quickly and did a great job making the repairs. He also unclogged a skimmer line that was clogged with itchy balls. He tested the entire pool for leaks, even all the piping. I’m so confident my pool is operating at 100%. This guy knows his stuff. HIGHLY recommend him.Thanks Randy!Mindy G.Mindy G. ★★★★★ I had such a fabulous experience with this company they walked me through a test to figure out if I had a leak they were very responsive on a daily basis and then wouldn’t even send me a bill such nice peopleStephen R.Stephen R. ★★★★★ Randy at Atlantic Pool Leak Detection is EXCELLENT! My pool was losing about an inch of water dailyI two other pool leak detection services come out (that were very expensive, including one national chain) and they were unable to detect the leak. Although not finding a specific leak, one of the companies recommended a costly repair. I paid for the repair and it did not solve the problem.I contacted Randy at Atlantic Pool Leak Detection. Randy was extremely professional throughout, including offering some diagnostic steps via email at no charge. Ultimately, these were unsuccessful and we decided he needed to come out. Randy was 100% clear upfront on what the costs would be and the types of issues he could repair and what issues would require more extensive repairs.Randy was able to find the leak that no one else could find. Not only that, in my case, Randy was able to make the repair.Wholeheartedly, recommend. Randy and Atlantic Pool Leak Detection are the ABSOLUTE best.Edward M.Edward M. ★★★★★ Randy found my leak in the spa light and fixed it for me saving me thousands of dollars. He donned his scuba outfit and hunted tirelessly with his assistant till he found the leak. I thought he was honest and charged the minimum amount agreed to focusing on the job on hand . He agreed to return if the pool continued to leak charging only for his time.He explained everything clearly. I would use him again if needed.Larrese M.Larrese M. ★★★★★ Highly recommend!! Randy and his team are professional and thorough. We had two other companies look at our pool in the past with no luck in finding the leak. Third time was a charm. In one visit they the diagnosed the problem and fixed it. So thankful to not have to constantly fill our pool anymore!!Wendy F.Wendy F. ★★★★★ Would definitely recommend their services to anyone wondering if they may have a leak. They were able to find our leak within 10 minutes and fix the problem and we have not had an issue since.Robert F.Robert F. ★★★★★ Randy and his son make a great team in addressing the many issues that arise with the ownership of a pool. Their no-nonsense approach and transparency of what they do, how they do it, and what they will/can accomplish is refreshing and welcomed. One of the many things that I have come to appreciate working with any home service company, is clarity and honesty. That's what you get with Atlantic Pool Leak Detection. I highly recommend them for their professional and detail-oriented approach.Christian P.Christian P. ★★★★★ Randy was nothing short of incredible. We had a pesky leak that took some time to locate and repair, but Randy never wavered and kept us updated throughout the process. He even reached out afterwards to make sure everything was still OK. Great guy, great company.Anamaria K.Anamaria K. ★★★★★ Randy and his son were attentive, communicative, and professional. They showed care and detail in their work. They were able to locate the leak and helped me get the pool operable until the leak could be fully repaired. They were able to do this after another leak detection company was unable to help us. It is clear they take pride in their work and care about their customers.Lorraine Q.Lorraine Q. ★★★★★ Randy and Ryan drove a long distance but arrived on time and got started immediately.We were impressed they found and repaired the leak in less than 45 minutes.Randy explained the problem, advised us, videotaped the repair and sent us the video.Our pool no longer leaks thanks to Randy and Ryan. Very knowledgeable professionals.Response from the ownerIt was our pleasure to meet and help you guys. Have an amazing summer! Caitlin S.Caitlin S. ★★★★★ Randy was AMAZING! He found our problem almost instantly! He made sure to test everything else though to make sure we truly found the leak! He's great! 10/10 recommend!! Great company, he really know's his stuff!!Response from the ownerGlad to help. Have a great summer! Enchantment B.Enchantment B. ★★★★★ We talked to Randy last fall and he came out to look at our community pool to discuss our leak. We hired him to do our leak detection before we winterized the pool. He came with his son and spent several hours and found the leak under the pool deck and determined which line it was in.He marked the deck for us so we could repair it in the spring.We hired a new pool management company that also does leak repair work. Due to mild weather they decided to do the repair early. When they opened the deck they found the leak where Randy had marked.Randy was extremely professional and does excellent work. If you have a leak he is the company to call. Hopefully we never have another leak but would use him again if needed.Response from the ownerThanks for the review. Enjoy not having to add water to the pool! Have a great summer! Michelle G.Michelle G. ★★★★★ Randy and his son were professional, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about providing thorough and accurate inspections. Randy took the time to explain every component of the pool/system, his recommendations and thoughts, and the reasoning behind each explanation. We would work with Randy again in a heartbeat!David D.David D. ★★★★★ Randy found multiple leaks in my freezing cold pool and patched them up on the spot. If you are losing water and need help, Randy and his son will find your leak!js_loader