Getting a Pool Inspected as a Real Estate Agent

Why it is Important to Have Your Client’s Pool Inspected as the Real Estate Agent

As a realtor representing a client during the home buying process, your job is to help the buyer navigate the entire buying process so it will go as smooth and seamless as possible. This includes lining your clients up with service providers (i.e., inspectors, lenders, movers, etc.) that will provide them with a superior and valuable service. Our goal at Atlantic Pool Inspections is to provide a level of service that is personalized, unbiased, and thorough, ensuring buyers are not shocked by issues with their pool once they move into their new home.

A pool can be a valuable asset when buying a house but can be very costly if there are unknown problems that need to be remedied. Liner replacements, pool renovations, structural concerns and pool leaks are some of the issues that can result in new homeowners paying thousands in repairs after they have closed on their home. Our inspections provide a personalized service that is individual to each customer, depending on their needs and experience with pool ownership.

What is Involved with our Pool Inspections

We provide every client with a detailed and thorough inspection of the entire pool environment, not just the pool and its equipment. Our inspections include (but are not limited to) checking all fences to be sure they meet pool barrier standards, as well as checking the pool patio to make sure there is no structural damage, settling, heaving, etc. We inspect pools all year round, including during the winter. A widespread belief is that pool inspections are not possible when the pool is closed. This is simply not true. Pools can and should be inspected when closed, so buyers know exactly what is going on underneath the pool cover.

Your clients will be in safe and capable hands. Our comprehensive reports detail our findings and recommendations for the pool, while working directly with each and every client to provide them with a full understanding of what they have and what issues there may be facing going forward. This information gives the buyer an opportunity to negotiate with the seller. If repairs are not negotiable, knowing what state the pool is in, the work that will be needed, and the potential costs for the needed repairs, are all extremely important, and will allow the client to make an informed purchase based on facts and not “hopes” that the pool is in great condition.

Not for the Common Home Inspector

Most home inspectors are not willing to inspect a pool. Those that are willing to do a pool inspection, may not be qualified to do so. They will perform a cursory inspection to look for obvious anomalies and/or clearly malfunctioning pool equipment. These types of inspections are not sufficient enough to discover potentially costly problems, or to detect safety hazards. Our experience in the pool industry allows us to do more than just turn the pool equipment on to see if the pool runs properly.

We perform no other pool services (i.e., openings/closings, pool maintenance or repairs, pool renovations, etc.), so there is never a conflict with our pool inspection reports. Unlike some pool companies that may do pool inspections, we specialize in, and ONLY do pool inspections, thus we will never try to sell a client a product or service after the inspection is completed. Some pool companies look at pool inspections as opportunities to gain future business from their clients. That will never happen when we are hired.

Working with a reliable and reputable pool inspection company, as realtors you can be sure that your clients’ needs are always being met. Contact us and let’s work together to provide your customers with an amazing home buying experience, with no surprises or disappointments.

Certified Pool Inspectors (CPI)We are NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation) Certified Pool Inspectors (CPI), with over 10 years experience.