• Do Not Ignore Your Pool Leak!

      Pool leaks are very stressful and frustrating, but most importantly, they can be VERY costly! Do not ignore the signs of a pool leak. With 10 years of experience, Atlantic Pool Leak Detection can locate your pool leak without draining your pool or digging up every inch of your yard. Our non-invasive pool leak detection services include:

      • Pool Divers Who Make Underwater Pool Repairs
      • Pin-Pointing Leaks in Underground Pipes
      • Pressure Testing for Pool Plumbing
      • Underwater Patch Repairs to Vinyl Liners
    • Pool Leak Repair Inspection – We Fix Leaks Underwater!

      Our pool divers will check every inch of your pool interior to locate pool leaks. This includes checking the pool structure (vinyl liner, gunite or fiberglass walls), pool lights, bottom drains, stair gaskets, and all pipes that penetrate the pool walls (returns and skimmers). There is no need to empty your pool or drop the pool water level. We perform underwater pool repairs on hundreds of pools every year!

    • Don’t Let a Potential Pool Leak Go Undetected!

      A leak as small as a pinhead in a vinyl liner or gunite finish pool can waste as much as 360,000 gallons of water per year! That’s why we use the latest pool leak detection technology to verify leaks inside your pool, as well as fractured or compromised pipes on the outside. This enables us to substantiate and confirm if your pool has a leak, quickly and accurately.

    Atlantic Pool – Pool Leak Detection Services

    Our non-invasive Pool Leak Detection services can locate Leaks in Pools, Fountains, and Spas without destruction.

    Swimming pools and spas can be an extremely enjoyable addition to any home. They can also be extremely expensive, especially if something goes wrong! If you are buying a home in New Jersey or Staten Island, New York with a swimming pool or spa, hire Atlantic Pool Leak Detection to ensure that they are operating properly.

    Pool Leak Detection Services In NJ
    • Underwater Pool Diver Repair Services

    • Fountain and Spa Leak Detection

    • Vinyl Liner Pool Repair Specialists

    • Precise location info for fast and inexpensive repairs

    • Underwater Drain Install and Replacement

    • Concrete Pool Repairs

    New Jersey Pool Leak Detection: (732) 333-3304
    New York Pool Leak Detection: (718) 532-4880

    We Provide Leak Detection Services For

    • Condominiums

    • Commercial Pools

    • Municipal and Industrial Properties

    • Pool Companies

    • Developers

    • Museums & Galleries

    • Hotels

    • Schools

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