As the pool season approaches, it’s crucial to proactively address any pool leak issues that may have occurred over the winter, or have lingered from last season. Detecting and repairing these leaks before they worsen is vital for maintaining a safe and efficient pool environment. Scheduling a professional leak detection with Atlantic Pool Leak Detection will ensure the timely identification and resolution of any pool leak issues before they escalate. A proactive approach will safeguard against water loss, possible structural damage, and excessive water bills, helping to ensure that your family experiences a hassle-free, safe and enjoyable pool season.

    • Do Not Ignore Your Pool Leak!

      Pool leaks are very stressful and frustrating, but most importantly, they can be VERY costly! Do not ignore the signs of a pool leak. With 10 years of experience, Atlantic Pool Leak Detection can locate your pool leak without draining your pool or digging up every inch of your yard. Our non-invasive pool leak detection services include:

      • Pool Divers Who Make Underwater Pool Repairs
      • Pin-Pointing Leaks in Underground Pipes
      • Pressure Testing for Pool Plumbing
      • Underwater Patch Repairs to Vinyl Liners
      • We Are More Than Just Pool Divers

    • Underground Pool Plumbing Repair Experts

      Addressing underground pool plumbing issues can be a significant expense and a disruptive process. Our technicians are committed to meticulously identifying leaking or broken underground plumbing lines, allowing for targeted underground repairs without the need to disrupt entire patios. Unlike some pool companies that opt for patio excavation and general replacements without pinpointing the precise problem, we strive to minimize the impact of invasive plumbing repairs in your backyard.

    • Pool Leak Repair Inspection – We Fix Leaks Underwater!

      Our pool divers will check every inch of your pool interior to locate pool leaks. This includes checking the pool structure (vinyl liner, gunite or fiberglass walls), pool lights, bottom drains, stair gaskets, and all pipes that penetrate the pool walls (returns and skimmers). There is no need to empty your pool or drop the pool water level. We perform underwater pool repairs on hundreds of pools every year!

    • Don’t Let a Potential Pool Leak Go Undetected!

      A leak as small as a pinhead in a vinyl liner or gunite finish pool can waste as much as 360,000 gallons of water per year! That’s why we use the latest pool leak detection technology to verify leaks inside your pool, as well as fractured or compromised pipes on the outside. This enables us to substantiate and confirm if your pool has a leak, quickly and accurately.

    Atlantic Pool – Pool Leak Detection Services

    Our non-invasive Pool Leak Detection services can locate Leaks in Pools, Fountains, and Spas without destruction.

    Swimming pools and spas can be an extremely enjoyable addition to any home. They can also be extremely expensive, especially if something goes wrong! If you are buying a home in New Jersey or Staten Island, New York with a swimming pool or spa, hire Atlantic Pool Leak Detection to ensure that they are operating properly.

    Pool Leak Detection Services In NJ

    • Underwater Pool Diver Repair Services

    • Fountain and Spa Leak Detection

    • Vinyl Liner Pool Repair Specialists

    • Precise location info for fast and inexpensive repairs

    • Underwater Drain Install and Replacement

    • Concrete Pool Repairs

    New Jersey Pool Leak Detection: (732) 333-3304
    New York Pool Leak Detection: (718) 532-4880

    • Expert Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair Services in NJ & NY

      If you own a pool and need reliable pool leak detection services in New Jersey or Staten Island, then Atlantic Pool Leak Detection is here for all your leak detection needs. Our team of expert technicians, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, is committed to safeguarding the well-being and durability of your pool.

    • Expert Pool Inspections in New Jersey

      Our pool inspector will conduct a thorough pool inspection for home buyers throughout NJ. These inspections not only alert home buyers to any potential pool issues (prior to completing the home sale), but also serve as an educational opportunity for them to learn about their pool. Inspections cover the pool equipment, interior structure, pool deck/patio, pool barriers, and more, providing valuable insights for informed pool ownership.

    • Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair

      As specialists in pool leak detection, we recognize the consequences that leaks can have, including water loss, damage, and significant expense. With over 15 years of experience, our pool leak technicians in New Jersey and Staten Island have successfully located leaks in more than 10,000 pools. Utilizing advanced technology, we will swiftly identify and repair pool leaks. Don’t let a pool leak potentially cost you thousands (unnecessarily); contact Atlantic Pool Leak Detection to efficiently locate and resolve your pool leak issues.

    For all your pool inspection, leak detection, and repair needs in NJ and Staten Island, trust Atlantic Pool Leak Detection. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of a pool inspection?
    For prospective homebuyers, gaining insight into potential pool issues, comprehending the intricacies of the pool and its components, and understanding pool maintenance and safety are crucial aspects of the home-buying process.

    What are the signs of a pool leak?
    The initial (and most important) indication of a pool leak is water loss. Once water loss is established, other signs such as difficulty in maintaining chemical balance, cracks or settling in the pool deck, movement or sinking of pool equipment, and the presence of soggy or eroding ground around the pool may further signify a leak, and could possibly point to the exact problem.

    When is professional pool leak repair necessary?
    Seeking professional pool leak detection is essential as soon as you suspect a leak or observe any of the aforementioned signs. Timely detection and repair can thwart substantial damage, ultimately saving money on water and avoiding costly repairs.

    Google Reviews

    Christian P.Christian P. ★★★★★ Randy was nothing short of incredible. We had a pesky leak that took some time to locate and repair, but Randy never wavered and kept us updated throughout the process. He even reached out afterwards to make sure everything was still OK. Great guy, great company.Anamaria K.Anamaria K. ★★★★★ Randy and his son were attentive, communicative, and professional. They showed care and detail in their work. They were able to locate the leak and helped me get the pool operable until the leak could be fully repaired. They were able to do this after another leak detection company was unable to help us. It is clear they take pride in their work and care about their customers.Lorraine Q.Lorraine Q. ★★★★★ Randy and Ryan drove a long distance but arrived on time and got started immediately.We were impressed they found and repaired the leak in less than 45 minutes.Randy explained the problem, advised us, videotaped the repair and sent us the video.Our pool no longer leaks thanks to Randy and Ryan. Very knowledgeable professionals.Response from the ownerIt was our pleasure to meet and help you guys. Have an amazing summer! Caitlin S.Caitlin S. ★★★★★ Randy was AMAZING! He found our problem almost instantly! He made sure to test everything else though to make sure we truly found the leak! He's great! 10/10 recommend!! Great company, he really know's his stuff!!Response from the ownerGlad to help. Have a great summer! Enchantment B.Enchantment B. ★★★★★ We talked to Randy last fall and he came out to look at our community pool to discuss our leak. We hired him to do our leak detection before we winterized the pool. He came with his son and spent several hours and found the leak under the pool deck and determined which line it was in.He marked the deck for us so we could repair it in the spring.We hired a new pool management company that also does leak repair work. Due to mild weather they decided to do the repair early. When they opened the deck they found the leak where Randy had marked.Randy was extremely professional and does excellent work. If you have a leak he is the company to call. Hopefully we never have another leak but would use him again if needed.Response from the ownerThanks for the review. Enjoy not having to add water to the pool! Have a great summer! Michelle G.Michelle G. ★★★★★ Randy and his son were professional, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about providing thorough and accurate inspections. Randy took the time to explain every component of the pool/system, his recommendations and thoughts, and the reasoning behind each explanation. We would work with Randy again in a heartbeat!David D.David D. ★★★★★ Randy found multiple leaks in my freezing cold pool and patched them up on the spot. If you are losing water and need help, Randy and his son will find your leak!Amelia A.Amelia A. ★★★★★ I will recommend Mr Randy For any help with pool leak detection he is very reliable answers questions ,answers text msgs and very knowledgeable..he has every characteristic of the best pool detector is..i never met anybody like him..he is the best he finds the problem tell u d problem and give u best advice how to deal with the pool leaked problem...he is the real deal ...the best pool and my husband wer very thankful we got him to help we can relax....thank u mslr Randy..godbless uStephanie B.Stephanie B. ★★★★★ 10/10 would give more stars if it was possible. Randy and Ryan were so professional and knowledgeable I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their.pool repaired.Alan M B.Alan M B. ★★★★★ If you have a pool that leaks, this is the place to call !!Randy inspected and tested all the lines of my pool, found the leak and marked the area for the repair. My pool has been repaired and I am good to go. Thank you VERY MUCH Randy !!Phyllis ZPhyllis Z ★★★★★ If your pool is leaking, this is the company to call! Two other companies checked our pool, and could not find a problem. Randy and Ryan were here less then five minutes when they found and repaired the leak. They couldn’t have been more knowledgeable and professional. You guys are the best! Thank you.Sneha Sett B.Sneha Sett B. ★★★★★ Randy performed our pool inspection and did a FANTASTIC job. He was extremely thorough with his report, honest with his feedback and overall a wonderful person. Thank you so much!Neil T.Neil T. ★★★★★ In short order the Company was very transparent about expectations. Lost lots of water in one day. They came the next day. Deduced the issue. Solved. 3 Calgary Circle, MarlboroReinaldo V.Reinaldo V. ★★★★★ I highly recommend Atlantic Pool Detection. Randy and Ryan were very dedicated, thorough, detail oriented, efficient and effective. They were professional, polite and easy to communicate with. After a full liner check up, they found the and repaired it. Very satisfied with the service and interaction.Randi D.Randi D. ★★★★★ Truly amazing !!!!He fixed the problem I had for a long time !Thank you !js_loader

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