Vinyl Liner Repair

Vinyl Liner Repair – In Ground and Above Ground

Swimming pool maintenance should be done on a regular basis. Should there be a pool leak in your vinyl liner, it is imperative that it be located and repaired immediately! A pool liner leak may:

  • create unnecessary water loss in your pool
  • weaken the pool’s structure
  • cause damage around the pool
  • create the need for excessive chemicals
  • waste water and money


Some easy-to-do tests for pool liner leaks include:

A pool liner leak not only costs more money if left unrepaired, but could decrease the enjoyment a swimmer can attain. Maintain 100% efficiency of your pool and do a pool liner leak detection now!

Vinyl Liner Repair in NJ

Pool liner leaks can be repaired underwater by a pool diver, so emptying your pool is unnecessary! At Atlantic Pool Leak Detection, our Scuba equipment allows us to make the necessary underwater repairs to your liner. Using an experienced leak detection company to perform your underwater liner repair will save you money, and will prevent wasting huge amounts of water!