Pool Diver – Underwater Repairs

Pool Diver – Underwater Repairs

Need a pool diver in NY, NJ, or PA? Don’t drain your pool, we can fix it underwater!

Although many companies repair leaks, few have highly-skilled swimming pool divers capable of handling underwater pool leak repair inspections and underwater pool services. The experts at Atlantic Pool Leak Detection provide fast and affordable service throughout New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Pool Diver Services:

  • Patch repair vinyl liners
  • Epoxy repair leaks in Gunite pools
  • Underwater repair of fiberglass pools
  • Underwater light niche repairs
  • Install or replace drain covers
  • Most underwater pool leak repair inspections

Atlantic Pool Leak Detection is a specialist in underwater pool repairs. Our pool divers use state-of-the-art repair techniques and are equipped with tankless scuba gear and specialty tools. We are SCUBA-certified by PADI and can make your underwater repairs fast and affordable!

No longer are pool owners kept out of the water for up to a week to complete a repair that includes several days of draining, re-plastering, new liners, and water refill. Swimming can resume the same day and avoid further damage caused by emptying your pool!