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CPO Certified Pool Spa OperatorAtlantic Pool Leak is an NSPF-certified Pool and Spa Inspector [CPI]. We are your Pool Inspection specialist in the New Jersey, Eastern PA and Staten Island area!

Home sales with pools are on the rise, and are an extremely enjoyable addition to any property.  Unfortunately, swimming pools and spas in NJ can also be extremely expensive, especially if something goes wrong!  If you are considering buying a home in New Jersey, PA or New York with a swimming pool or spa, contact Atlantic Pool Leak Detection to ensure that everything is operating properly.  Inspections are done 7 days a week, all year round (even if the pool is closed for the winter).

Certified by the NSPF, our team will provide a thorough swimming pool inspection of more than just your pool and equipment.  Intended to evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components, our NJ Pool Inspections cover the entire pool environment.

Our services include:

  • NJ Pool Pump Inspections
  • NJ Pool Filter Inspections
  • NJ Pool Heater Inspections
  • NJ Pool Cleaning Equipment Inspections
  • NJ Pool Valve Inspections
  • NJ Pool Skimmer Inspections
  • NJ Pool Drain Inspections
  • NJ Pool Return Inspections

Safe & Reasonable Pool Inspections

Interested in Pool Inspection, Pool Leak Detection, or Pool Leak Repair services in NY and NJ? We identify items that may need repair in order to ensure that your pool is operational, safe, and reasonable to maintain.  We also note the condition of additional items such as:

NJ Pool Inspection

  • Fences, Gates, Barriers, Locks, and Rails
  • Walkways, Pool Perimeters, and Pool Patios
  • Slides and Diving Boards
  • Coping and Tile
  • Lighting
  • Water Features

We don’t just stop there!  Atlantic Pool Leak’s thorough evaluations for Pool Inspections in NJ and Staten Island, NY may also include*:

  • Scuba diving to perform an underwater visual pool inspection and dye test of the pool shell
  • Electronic leak detection test for vinyl pool liners
  • Pressure test of suction and return lines


*  Please note that these tests may only be possible during warm weather times of the year and that your pool must be open (with cover removed), clean, and clear in order for us to accurately and successfully perform these tests. Please go to https://atlanticpoolleak.com/peparing-your-pool-for-leak-detection/ in order to prepare for your inspection.

For more information or to schedule your Pool Inspection in New Jersey or New York simply contact Atlantic Pool Leak Detection today!

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