Peace of Mind – Pool Inspections

Why Hire a Pool Inspector?

More than likely, your swimming pool is the most expensive feature of your home.  With that said, a pool can be one of the most expensive items to repair if something goes wrong.  If there are issues with the pool, it is vital to know BEFORE you agree to a home purchase, not after.  If there are things that need to be repaired and/or remedied, with a pool inspection prior to purchase, you have the ability to:

*  Negotiate with the seller for the cost of the needed repairs

*  Know going into the agreement that you need to make repairs and what their estimated costs will be

*  Change your mind about the home purchase if there are significant problems with the pool requiring a significant investment to fix

Many times when it comes to swimming pools, the issues with the pool, the pool equipment, the pool decking and fencing and/or the pool accessories are not so obvious, even to your local pool service company. Many of the issues we discover when performing a pool inspection have gone unnoticed by whoever has been maintaining the pool. We have been able to find problems that may be small today, but can become irreparable should they go untreated.

When purchasing a home with a swimming pool, make sure you have a pool inspection done. Peace of mind – and fully understanding what you’re getting yourself into – can save a great deal of money.