Why Atlantic Pool Leak

Why Atlantic For Pool Inspections?

Atlantic Pool Leak Detection has performed thousands of swimming pool inspections. We work with a large network of real estate agents who recommend us to their clients before purchasing a home with a pool.

We are Certified Pool-Spa Inspectors by the NSPF [National Swimming Pool Foundation]. In addition, the owners of Atlantic are the only individuals who will perform your pool inspection. Our combined history in the pool and construction industry spans nearly 25 years.

Why use a Pool Inspection company rather than a Pool Service company

Atlantic focuses exclusively on two things when it comes to swimming pools: Pool Inspections and Leak Detection.

Atlantic Pool Leak Detection is NOT a pool service company. We do not:

• Open and close pools
• Perform weekly maintenance
• Change or repair equipment
• Replace liners
• Renovate pools, spas, or patios

This is a very important fact to note. When we perform a pool inspection, there is never a conflict with reporting because our company does not perform any of the services that may need to be done on your pool. Our decision not to provide these services is beneficial to clients, as it eliminates the possibility of an ulterior agenda when performing inspections. Unlike other companies, Atlantic works for the home buyer, who will always have peace of mind knowing that we will not attempt to sell additional services after an inspection is complete.

At Atlantic Pool Leak Detection, we have an honest and objective approach. After a thorough on-site inspection, we take the information gathered back to our office to create a comprehensive written report of all findings. In this report, we recommend licensed, insured, and reputable service companies in your area to perform the necessary repairs on your pool or spa. Given solely as a courtesy to our clients, you are under no obligation to use our recommendations.

Atlantic is the #1 pool inspection company in NJ. For more information, or to speak with one of the owners, or to schedule an inspection, contact Atlantic Pool Leak today.