Atlantic Pool Leak Detection to the Rescue!

September 10, 2012

When our Atlantic Pool Leak Detection truck pulled up to a pool leak detection job yesterday 4 kids greeted me in the driveway like I was Santa Claus. They were all talking to me at once that they’ve had a pool leak all summer and their dad was going to close the pool because he was spending all his money on water. I laughed and told them not to worry… I said when I leave here today there will be no more pool leak and your dad will have extra money to spend for Christmas!

I located the 3 pool leaks in the liner in about an hour. I patched and repaired the holes in the pool liner in about 20 minutes. I gave the 4 really happy kids a high five, jumped on my Atlantic Pool Leak Detection sleigh and flew out of their!! HO HO HO, Christmas in August!

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