Pool Inspection – I’ll worry about it later

September 10, 2012

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The old cliche “I’ll worry about it later” luckily didn’t apply to this smart home buyer. Atlantic Pool Leak Detection performs 100’s of home pool inspections each year. This last pool inspection was a prime example of why it is so important to have this done before you buy a new home. Why would you have a home inspection and not have a pool inspection? The home inspector has no clue what to look for when they look at a pool. Atlantic Pool Leak Detection’s pool inspectors have no clue what to look for when they walk through your house. The math is easy.

Home Pool Inspection

As we performed a visual pool inspection for the buyer we noticed that there were (2) water line stains on the pool walls. One formed where the water level is supposed to be and the other where it most definitely shouldn’t be. Then we noticed that there was fresh grout in certain areas of the tile below the coping. HMMM, something fishy. These details were written in our comprehensive pool inspection report and submitted to our client with some of the possible reasons.

Lucky for our client that he had this pool inspection done. Because of our pool inspection report, our client (the buyer) received a $3500 credit towards the purchase of the house to have all the tile work below the coping redone. We wrote in our pool inspection report that there was every reason to believe the lower water line that formed on the wall was caused by the pool water leaking out behind the damaged tile stopping when it reached that point. A simple dye test confirmed that to be true. The seller was not going to tell our client that the pool was leaking and that they had to add water every couple of days.

When our client called to thank us for such a thorough pool inspection we told him we were happy his small investment paid off big for him on his purchase. Bottom line, don’t worry about it later… it will be too late.

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