Pay Now or Pay Much More Later – Pool Leak Detection

September 6, 2012

A potential customer had a leak in his pool all summer. He called us at Atlantic Pool Leak Detection at least 3 or 4 times for advice but never hired us to take care of his pool leak. He was warned that the pool leak needed to get resolved before the end of season. He decided to just plug all of the pool plumbing lines, cover and winterize his swimming pool and worry about the leak repair in the spring. He said the pool leak had to be somwhere in the pool plumbing lines anyway so no water would leak past the plugs over the winter season. The only problem with that, is he guessed WRONG! Atlantic Pool Leak Detection warned him in conversation that the pool leak may be a pool main drain leak or a pool liner leak but he was certain that it was in the other pool plumbing lines.

The sad conclusion was the pool leak was not in any of the lines he plugged. Hence the pool continued to drain under the cover and got so low that the liner tore away from the wall from not having water pressure and the actual wall of the pool shifted out from the soil freezing then thawing. He called us to let us know what happend and said he fixed the pool after spending over $5000 to get it back in shape. The crazy part of this pool leak detection saga is he called us back again to let us know he still had a pool leak somewhere. The crazier part is he still hasnt hired Atlantic to perform a professional pool leak detection for him to locate his pool leak! Go figure.

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