Is your pool losing water after it has been closed for the winter?

October 27, 2011

Because pool leak detection is our specialty, the professionals at Atlantic Pool Leak Detection are experts in locating and repairing pool leaks for pools throughout New Jersey. We perform year-round leak detection and repair of all pools using modern state-of-the-art electronic leak-locating equipment, along with visual verification through scuba diving. Your pool does not need to be drained for the leak to be located, and in some situations we can locate and repair leaks on a winterized pool that is losing water.

More information on Pool Water Loss in Winter

Adding water to a pool all winter long is costly, wasteful and can lead to other issues. For pools with liners, it’s absolutely critical to maintain the water level because the water inside the pool holds the liner in place. If the pool water level is low in winter, the liner will begin to shrink and shift which may cause permanent damage from wrinkles and stress points in the corners, edges, and around plumbing openings. It is essential not to let the pool water level get low over the winter.

Never allow a pool with a liner to drain empty, or you may end up needing to replace the liner!

It’s equally important to maintain the water level in your concrete (gunite) pool. If the water level in a concrete pool gets too low due to a winter pool leak, it may cause structural cracking, and could potentially cause the pool to lift/shift out of the ground (“pop”). A concrete pool that “pops” is a nightmare to deal with and can lead to other structural issues as well as problems with the pool plumbing lines (if the lines shift as well).



1. Can I just wait until the spring to deal with my winter pool leak?
No, this is not a good idea. Low water levels can cause damage to the pool structure, can cause the pool cover to collapse into the pool, and in extreme cases (in vinyl liner pools), if a pool goes empty the pool walls can collapse.

2. How much water should a covered pool lose in the winter?
None. Once a pool is winterized, no water loss should occur. It is possible that the water level could increase over the winter (from rain, snow, etc.), but the water level should never decrease.

3. Why does my pool lose water in the winter?
This depends on the type of pool that you have. Keep in mind, most of the plumbing lines are plugged for the winter, so they cannot leak. Usually, a pool leak over the winter is coming from the pool structure, lights, drains or floor returns.

4. How to tell if your pool is leaking over the winter?
In many cases, you will notice the pool cover sagging (due to lack of water underneath). Looking underneath the cover, even in a small area will tell you if the pool is leaking over the winter as well.

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