Benefits Of Performing Pool Inspection In NJ and NY

December 12, 2016

Prevention is the best cure – that’s a motto often used by medical professionals when it comes to preventing common diseases like the cold, the flu, and lifestyle issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Through basic prevention, life can be made much simpler.

The very same principle that applies to health, also applies to a pool. Pools are in and of themselves a bundle of joy and fun – but anyone who’s done research on pool installation and maintenance knows the dangers a pool can harbor.

Pools work as perfect ecosystems for bacteria, fungi and algae – which is why a constantly flowing system, well-maintained pump, filter and regularly-scheduled chlorination are all necessary to keeping a pool sanitary and free of anything that might cause sickness, from a mundane strain of the flu to something more serious.

For personal households and small families, regularly-scheduled pool maintenance is enough to get a pool up and running, and staying healthy enough for everyone to swim in. But if you’re a property owner or part of a board of homeowners maintaining a public swimming pool, your priorities quickly shift.

Why It’s Important to Do Regular Pool Inspections

As per the CDC, there are strict rules and regulations regarding public pool safety—and by performing regular pool inspection with the help of a reputable and certified company (like Atlantic Leak), you can help ensure that your pool remains a safe space for families and children of all ages.

Don’t let your pool become a safe space for bacteria and algae.

On the other hand, too much of a moderately good thing will also become a bad thing. Pool inspections should be done regularly to check the pH level of your swimming pool, and ensure that it does not have exceedingly high levels of chlorine. Chlorine when diluted in pools is harmless, but at high enough levels it can cause brittle hair, irritated skin, painful eyes and nasal cavities and other symptoms. If you have people using your pool regularly, then constant prolonged exposure to higher levels of chlorine can make them sick.

But with regularly-scheduled pool inspections, you can ensure that your pool pH levels are kept at a safe limit, to keep the water from getting anyone sick, one way or the other.

Make sure that your chosen pool inspections service is certified and reputable, before proceeding.


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