When Do I Need Pool Inspection

August 14, 2017

Owning and maintaining a pool is a lot more work than people realize. If it seems like you got in over your head, don’t worry. You are not alone. And in New Jersey, there are professional pool inspection services that can take care of all the nagging details that go into a problem-free pool, so you can enjoy your pool instead of worrying about it. So what is pool inspection? Pool inspection essentially covers everything including the following elements of your pool in New Jersey.

  1. Pumps and Filters.

    sometimes occupy the same unit, but are often located separately. Either way, pumps help circulate the water in your pool. You can think of the pump as the heart of the pool. Filters are critical components because they keep the water filtered. They are like the kidneys of your pool.

  2. Water heater.

    Many pools in New Jersey are heated pools, so that they can be used even on cool evenings and for longer periods of time throughout the year. However, having a heater also means one more pool element to inspect.

  3. Cleaning equipment.

    The pool inspection process can entail a review of your cleaning equipment to make sure everything is in working order.

  4. Chemical Feeders.

    You need to maintain an ideal chemical balance in your pool as well as offering optimal sanitation through the cleaning equipment, and these issues can be evaluated by a pool inspection service.

  5. Valves and skimmers.

    The valves and skimmers of your pool work in tandem with other elements like the pump and filter, with the skimmers being the little baskets on the side of the pool that catch debris.

  6. Surrounding areas.

    A pool inspection in New Jersey can also examine the structural elements of your pool to make sure there are no problems with the concrete or tiles.

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